Qurban Episode 1 & 2 | Iqra Aziz | Bilal Abbas | ARY Digital | Subtitle Eng

Qurban Episode 1 & 2 - 20th November 2017 only on ARY Digital Official AR-tree Channel.
Heer who was born with a silver spoon finds Jamal who is not financially stable but possess all good qualities of her father which could not stop her from falling in love with him.
But, her parents want her to marry Shahmeer, who is Heer’s father’s best friend son and her fiancé since childhood.
Heer disagrees with her parents’ decision and goes against them and secretly marries Jamal.
A few days later, Jamal gets disappear without informing anyone which disturbs Heer’s life. Her parents do not believe her and force her to get married to Shahmeer. Nikkah over Nikkah is not allowed and a sin in Islam, but no one believes Heer about her first Nikkah.
Now, she is married to Shahmeer and trying to find Jamal to get a divorce. Her guilt is not letting her live a happy life with her husband.
How Heer will tell Shahmeer about her nikkah with Jamal? What will Shahmeer do when he will get to the truth?
Director: Ahmed Bhatti
Writer: Zafar Miraaj
Iqra Aziz, as Heer
Bilal Abbas Khan, as Jamal
Shehzad Sheikh, as Shahmeer
Laila R Wasti, as Shehla
Rehan Sheikh, as Shafi
Umair Rana,
Shamim Hilali,
Yashma Gill and Others.
Watch ‘QURBAN’ Monday at 8:00 pm to 10 : 00 pm only on ARY Digital.


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    ARY Digital

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    Attendance from India ..🇮🇳

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    HN Classic

    Don't know if someone is reading this, but if you are: You are amazing and beautiful! I believe in you! 💖💝

  4. udit mukherjee

    udit mukherjee

    Classic drama! Full of emotions, love and attachment💕 No showoffs, no exposure, and no foul languages. Pakistani dramas clearly reveals that good serials can be made without foul stuffs. Lots of love from Hindustan🇮🇳

  5. Arbaz Sabir

    Arbaz Sabir

    This was the first Pakistani serial from where I started watching their regular shows❤️❤️

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    Solve the Problem

    Legend's watch this Masterpiece after 4 years.

  7. Anchal Yadav

    Anchal Yadav19 ساعات قبل

    Bilal abbas rocked in this drama with his acting skills ❤👌🏻😘😍🥰..... Love from India🇮🇳 ❤

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    Rabbani Osta

    2022 me dekh ne wale like here 🇮🇳

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    I'm completely in love with this show ❤

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    DPal's Vlog

    Omg fall in love with this movie

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    Bhuiyan Priyanur

    I am from Bangladesh 🇧🇩

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    Ayurshee 💫🥀

    After watching episode one i am just addicted!🥺🥺❤❤❤Will come back here everyday!🤟Love India🇮🇳Love Pakistan🇵🇰Love all my brothers and sisters❤

  13. Dr.Vishvarajsinh Jhala

    Dr.Vishvarajsinh Jhala

    I Noticed A Sense Of Respect In All Pakistani Drama_Deep And Social Messages_Fall In Love With Pakistani Drama (With Respect)

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    Neetu Payalسنوات قبل

    Pakistan k dramas aache hote h qki 20-25 episode m complete. Result jaldi mil jata h 😀😀

  15. Atul Sharma

    Atul Sharma

    Very decent and sober dramas. Can be watched with the entire family. Most of the Indian productions can not be watched with families because cuss words are used frequently and usually the plots are very cheap.Hats off to high levels of decency and elegance.

  16. Shehnaz Praveen

    Shehnaz Praveen

    Heer's father plays very outstanding performance everytime in all dramas ❤️❤️

  17. Shabnum Bhat

    Shabnum Bhat28 أيام قبل

    When Heer checked his bag and that innocence on his face made me cry... Osm work done by Jamal

  18. Zehra Ejaz

    Zehra Ejaz

    From this drama

  19. Beta Express

    Beta Express

    i love this Bcoz it shows very beautiful concept of our society not to force their child to marriage without their satisfaction and choice ❤️❤️❤️

  20. Mandeep Singh Makker

    Mandeep Singh Makker

    Pakistani dramas aise hain jinko aap poori family k sath dekh sakte ho.