Mein Sirf Tumse Baat Kerne aayi hun..

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The story of Angna is about Azfar Baig’s happy-go-lucky family, in which he has raised four beautiful daughters, who are going to get married into 4 entirely different families, which are somewhat dysfunctional.
Written By: Sameena Aijaz
Directed By: Saqib Zafar Khan & Tehseen khan
Azfar Rehman ,
Areeba Habib,
Ali Abbas,
Rabab Hashim,
Javed Sheikh,
Atiqa Odho,
Sajjad pal,
Laiba khan,
Asim Mehmood
Kanwal Khan
Danial Afzal
Mohsin Gillani
Rabia Noren
Ismail Tara
Rubina Ashraf.
Timings : Daily at 7 : 00 PM ARY Digital
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