Ishqiya - Last Episode - Part 2 [Subtitle Eng] - 10th August 2020 - ARY Digital Drama

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Ishqiya is the story of two people madly in love with each other, but could not end up together.
Written By: Mohsin Ali Shah
Directed By: Badar Mehmood
Feroz Khan
Ramsha Khan
Hania Aamir
Gohar Rasheed
Shabbir Jan
Khalid Anum
Seemi Pasha
Maha Hasan
Kinza Malik
Zahid Qureshi
Nabeela Haq
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  1. ARY Digital

    ARY Digitalسنوات قبل

    Thank you viewers’ for watching and appreciating

  2. Farhana Shahbaz

    Farhana Shahbazسنوات قبل

    Meri tarha kis kis Ko ending achchi nahi lagi😔😔😢😢😒😒

  3. Aliya Patel

    Aliya Patel

    Ishqiya is not just a drama it's emotion ❤️ This can't be end like this we want Hamza and Rumi together 🥺 Plz make season 2 we badly want it 🙌 It's a request of every viewer 🙏😔

  4. Everyone is Creative

    Everyone is Creative

    The best climax ever👌this is a message to all the Kabir Singh kind of lovers..there is a huge difference between insanity and the true love that young generation can never understand..hats off to the makers..The support of hamza's family to Rumi even after Rumi and Hamza's divorce is appreciable👌The way Azeem sorted the things out about his wife was amazing..this kind of understanding needs to exist in every marriage.. overall it was vulgarity,no overacting..the best drama till date🙌🙌👏👏👏

  5. Taisha Zaiba

    Taisha Zaiba14 أيام قبل

    I came to watch it after I saw "Mere Humsafar"

  6. Manisha Rabha

    Manisha Rabha

    We want season 2 of ishqiya , the story of this drama is really much better than Indian dramas if we compare, but ending was not complete , pls make it complete by forgiving Hamza , How many of you agree With me?

  7. Sumaiya akhter lisa

    Sumaiya akhter lisa7 ساعات قبل

    Watched this whole series in just two days!

  8. Mahejabeen Salwati

    Mahejabeen Salwati

    Season 2 aana chahiye....jaha se last episode khtm hua h waha se season 2 start hona chahiye....who will agree...🙏

  9. Khushi Rai

    Khushi Rai

    This serial clearly shows that God is a witness to everything and he does justice. Hatred will never take anyone anywhere. Great work 🙌

  10. shammi mandody

    shammi mandody

    Wah!! A woman standing up for herself and not giving rare to find. Very well written and executed with a deep message. 👏 I loved it .

  11. Muhammad Fahad

    Muhammad Fahad

    Watched whole drama in single night! Can't explain in words! Crying on every scene ! Team did fabulous job!

  12. Kulu Rout

    Kulu Rout

    I'm from India and i love this serial.

  13. Mahin Oyitee

    Mahin Oyitee14 أيام قبل

    The girl who lied, who betryed her boyfriend, the girl for whom the whole circumstances created... at the end of the series she got everything 👏👏👏

  14. Shahnawaz Khan

    Shahnawaz Khanسنوات قبل

    I m Indian, But pakistani serial Is very Heart touching ❤️ Hamza & Roomi ki jodi bht acchi lgti hai, Ishqiya ka Season 2 bnna chahiye, kon kon chahta hai ???

  15. akanksha rani

    akanksha rani

    The ending was pretty good. No overt drama, no fantasy but logically explained on the basis of the nature/ behavior shown throughout the series.

  16. Ranuka Dulal

    Ranuka Dulal

    It's 12:30 A.M And I'm Watching This Drama😂I Have Finished The Drama Just in 2 Days😂We Want Ishqiya Season 2 With The Same Characters From Where it Has Ended🤗And I Must Say That I Just Love The Title Song😘Love From Nepal🇳🇵❤

  17. Tiktok Zone

    Tiktok Zone14 أيام قبل

    I love this drama even tho it doesn't have happy ending ❤️

  18. tiyanna


    I honestly can't love this ending enough. It's realistic & it serves justice. For those who want a happy ending between Hamza & Rumi, snap your brain cells back to reality, THEY'RE SISTERS! For the love of everything that is holy and good, they're blood sisters. What happy ending would've evolved from that? The very thing that destroyed the relationship in the first place was the forbidden love between Hamza & Hamna. It not only destroyed Rumi's life, it shook the very foundation of both of their families. Sit down & put yourself in their shoes, would you want to be in love with a man who also dated your sister?? Even the sound of it is stained with sins & shame & embarrassment! Giving a happy ending to the audience is like pouring salt to an open wound, it's like getting whiplash after being victimised. It would mean that Rumi didn't get justice. So stop asking for a happy ending because we women, we deserve better! There could have been some other reasonable explanations other than mine, but I speak for myself, this is my own personal opinion!

  19. suga holly9

    suga holly9أيام قبل

    Sorry i'm too late to watched this great drama.i just finished this drama and i'm really happy that i watched this drama bcZ of hania she is an amazing actress🤗actually after watching this drama everyone did a really good job👍feroze is very handsome and talented actor now we need season2 plzz🙏lots of love from Nepal🇳🇵

  20. Jawad Raza

    Jawad Razaسنوات قبل

    ‎تاریخ میں اتنا کوئی کسی کے لیئے نہیں رویا⁦♥️